Golf's most exclusive network and private membership service.  

  • Elite Coaching

    Working 1:1 with the Golf EXV Elite Performance Team is a service used by Tour Pros, sports stars and celebrity golfers - providing a dedicated support team of expert coaches from the US and European Tours to develop, track and improve each aspect of your game through specific coaching programmes, data compilation and stats analysis.

  • Health, Strength and Nutrition

    Being fit, healthy and specifically conditioned for golf will transform every aspect of your game, particularly when managing long-standing or recent injuries. The Golf EXV Elite Performance Team is trusted by Hollywood actors, international sports stars, athletes and celebrities - and is dedicated to achieving the best performing and best looking bodies on the planet. 

  • VIP Golf and Luxury Coaching Retreats

    Playing the best courses in the world, enjoying VIP Hospitality at the Major international tournaments, playing with and against A-list celebrities and Tour Champions, and experiencing our intensive, yet luxury, training and coaching retreats at various locations around the world, makes Golf EXV the ultimate VIP Private Membership service.


Golf EXV is committed to delivering a unique, private membership for elite and VIP clients looking to develop and improve their game and wanting to experience the very best the golf world has to offer.

With an international concierge service and bespoke creativity our clients enjoy the pinnacle of game development, playing experiences, and luxury VIP travel: an exclusive service used by Tour golfers, international athletes, sports stars and A-list Hollywood actors.

Membership to Golf EXV and working with the Golf EXV Elite Performance Team is 'by invitation only' - where clients must meet certain criteria. Should you wish to be considered for membership please contact us.

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